I'd just like to say well done & congratulations!! I would have killed for these resource both when I was doing one-on-one early intervention with my son and integrating him into school. Bravo, functional, adaptable & affordable. Thank you on behalf of all the families & children's live you are going to change. And please keep up the social stories I still have difficulty finding useful s/stories especially now he's a teenager.

Prudence Mackay Facebook User

Excellent products, excellent quality of materials, good value for money and a excellent delivery service.

Linda Elliott Cheshire East NAS

I use your products for children with needs other than ASD, my families' cannot believe what a difference they make to communicating with their children and the children benefit because they are not frustrated because they cannot make themselves understood.

Sara Fulleylove Family Resource Worker Extended Schools, Brookfield Primary School

If you have the time (& patience) you can make your own as I did - but this way - buying from the asd visual aids makes the job sooooo much easier and much more professional too. Great value for money and I encourage anyone who thinks they may need asd visual aids to buy them!

Brooke Preston Facebook User

Very Happy with Materials – Thank you

Janet Davies Alderman Knight Special School

As an Independent Child and Educational Psychologist, specialising in the field of ASD, I am pleased to be able to recommend very highly these materials. Not only are they of a very high standard of presentation, and durability, they are also thoughtfully and carefully packaged for use every day in a school or home setting. If you have a child between the ages of about 5 and 12 with any kind of communication difficulty or impairment, then these are the materials you should be investing in. They are the best on the market at present, and represent excellent value for money. I have no doubt that they will help to improve the communication skills of children with a wide variety of impairments."

Dr. Hilary Dyer Educational Psychologist

An excellent resource – thank you! Fantastic social story booklets!

Longfield Middle School

We have been absolutely delighted with our ASD communication pack. It is durable, child friendly, and very useful. It covers so many areas that are absolutely vital for children with ASD and also for children with communication needs. The social stories are relevant for younger and older children. It is lovely to have a resource that provides so much scope that is ready made and easy to use.'

Anita Claydon Inclusion Manager

My son has used the ASD visual aids pack at school and at home with great success. At school it has helped to provide a structured timetable for each day, the format allows changes to the timetable to be easily inserted in a way that my son finds easy to accept. At home it has been most useful in managing the time that my son spends on his favourite obsessional activities and helping him to change activity without getting stressed. The personalised social stories have been very useful both at home and school and have become most loved bedtime reading stories.

Nadine Brown Parent

Your kit has been used to support a various number of individuals and has been adapted to suite their individual needs. An excellent resource enabling all children to achieve progress and participate

Unnamed School

We are extremely happy with the communication pack. The product is of high quality, good value for money and we would recommend the pack to other schools and parents.

Uxbridge First School

We are very happy with the ASD Visual Aids Communication Pack; we are finding it to be very beneficial to the school. The quality is fantastic, just what you need from a product that will endure day-to-day use. The pack is good value for money and we would strongly recommend it to other schools.

Mrs Gaynor Rennie Inclusions Manager, All Souls CE Primary School

Communication Pack – Excellent Quality of the materials – Excellent Value for money – Excellent

Eileen Widdicks St Bonaventure's Pre School

The ASD Visual Aids Starter Pack has been a great aid to my son with his education and his behaviour. I purchased the ASD Starter Pack for my son's school, my wife and I have seen remarkable change in his behaviour. The headmistress of Wormley School is very pleased with the results of the ASD Starter Pack and the effects the pack are having on my son. I have no hesitation in recommending the ASD Starter pack.

Simon Cox Parent

Thought the resources were brilliant! Good quality, good value for money and we would buy from ASD Visual Aids again.

Muirhouse (support Base)

'These materials are ideal for children who would benefit from visual structure in their day. They are child and adult Friendly!' (INCo) 'What a useful resource, every picture tells a story and a card for all the children's needs' (Class teacher) - 'Excellent quality, they will last a long time' (Class teacher) - 'I love the pictures they make me smile' (Y2 Child) - 'I know what's going on and when it's coming' (Y3 Child)

Statements from Creswick Primary and Nursery School

The best most suitable resources we've found to date - Thank You.'

The Beagle Pre-School

Overall we are very happy with our ASD Visual Aids home Pack. The Quality of the materials are very tough and well wearing. As a school this product range was recommended to us and we would be more than happy to recommend these materials to other schools and parents.

Brookfield Primary School

Excellent quality, very speedy delivery. I have passed leaflet of products onto school and other parents!


The materials are of a very high quality and good value for money; we are really pleased with our pack and would defiantly recommend to other parents and school

Cottesbrook Infants School Birmingham

We are very happy with both our communication packs from ASD Visual Aids, the children they are used with are both making remarkable progress. The packs are great value for money and extremly good quality. I recommend this product to all schools!

Mrs S Hunt London

My son has come on really well, in just a short time we have been using the visual aids.

Mrs Hopkins Parent

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