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Worry Eater Junior Saggo

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Hello I am SAGGO, worries are my favourite meal. ALL worries! Yummy yummy. Just take me with you wherever you go to make sure nothing goes wrong!

Children have phobias, fears and worries. Of course parents try hard to recognise them in time and do something about it, but children often keep their worries to themselves. In these situations a SORGENFRESSER provides the perfect opportunity for a child to articulate their concerns privately and stimulate discussion.

Children write down their fears and anxieties and zip them inside these cuddly little characters. Lovely and furry they are a good way to approach difficult subjects.

These appealing plush characters are more than toys. They are ideal for helping young children articulate specific anxieties and and ask for help to overcome them.

Children write down or draw something they are specifically upset about on a piece of paper, place it inside one of these furry little characters and zip up the mouth. Ideal for use in schools (to replace or use in conjunction with a Worry Box) or by therapists or at home.

Size of Junior Saggo: 23cm

We stock 4 more characters: Worry Eater Schnulli, Worry Eater Biff, Worry Eater Sepp and Worry Eater Bill.

  • Talking about anxiety
  • Similar to worry box

CS-WES0214 (B6196)

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