Silicone Mood Bands - Child



(£6.50 inc tax)

Our mood band has been designed for children to wear at all times when at home or at school.

The band relates to how the child is feeling, when happy the child can wear the green side which says ‘happy to talk’ this gives the surrounding people an indication of how the child is feeling. When the child is feeling upset or anxious about something they are able to flip the band to the red side which says ‘Please leave me alone’ this indicates that the child may need some time out.

The Mood Band is a great tool for children to use to display their feelings without having to verbally communicate them.

Made out of dual layered silicone, with debossed lettering both sides to ensure the letters do not rub off with use.

This product is sold three bands per pack.

Child Size: (180 x 12 x 2mm)

MB1011 (B6856)

We also sell Adult Size: (220 x 12 x 2mm) (B6854)

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